Nowadays, IT costs are a substantial part of any company’s budget. Costs reduction; calculating systems’ usage per department and ultimate efficiency are only attained when fundamental changes in IT approximation are achieved.

Our BluStack policy-based services is responsible for housing, operating and maintaining your infrastructure; it provides you access to a different range of solutions based on pay-per-use or subscription models. BluStack Clients pay on defined and used services.


The legendary cloud, some people love it, some people still are under the assumption that we’re talking about condensation. So what exactly is it?

Cloud computing is simply a system that uses the internet to store data. A cloud service provides server access in real-time, as well as storage and applications. In the past, companies used a server or a computer as a means of data storage. In the last decade, the majority of companies have migrated to a cloud-computing model.

We map your business goals, aligning your cloud strategy and operations roadmap, before supporting them with a wide variety of public and private cloud solutions like migration, cloud landscape optimization, data and application management, etc.

How do Cloud Services help Businesses?

Reduced  Costs
Support Around the Clock

BluGrass Technologies provides 24/7 availability, for businesses that require tech support. With around-the-clock troubleshooting and support, your business will experience less downtime. Your staff will no longer need to solve their own IT issues. With
experts on your side, you’ll access a streamlined technology experience.

Optimize Your Work Environment

With cloud-based services, businesses can optimize their work environment and boost productivity. One of the best ways to optimize is through the use of application-managed services. With AMS, companies can access maintenance and tech support to get the
most out of their custom software. When you outsource your application support, you can access enhancements, bug fixes, patch management, and more. There are plenty of benefits of Application Managed Services including:

  • Not all organizations have the time and resources to support in-house Application Management positions.
  • Reduce IT backlogs and improve efficiency.
  • Prevent dissatisfied users, (minimize disruptions caused by bugs and IT issues).
  • Improve the process of application lifecycle management.
  • Supports businesses to innovate, getting the most out of modern apps.
  • Future proof your company, with the latest app solutions.
Save Your Business Time

Business cloud services allow organizations to improve productivity levels and save time. IT support services can provide full support, to migrate your company to the cloud. When you’ve switched to the cloud, you’ll save time on software maintenance,
and on deploying client solutions. Staff can minimize the time they spend on menial IT tasks. Your employees can now spend this time on higher-value projects.

A Range of Cloud-based Software

Migrating to the cloud allows businesses to take advantage of cloud-based software. You might require project management software, CMS software, analytics, or email marketing. With so many options available, you can improve the efficiency of your operations.
Managed services providers can help businesses to make the best use of their software. BluGrass Technologies offers a state-of-the-art software product called BluDesk.

Cloud Services We Offer:

Our clients pay on defined and used services. Enjoy pay-per-use or subscription models on our Cloud services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Physical and Virtual server Hosting – Storage Hosting.
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS) – File and Folder backup – Database backup – Snapshot as a backup
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Database as service – Time attendance system as service
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Email Communications Email security gateway as a service
  • Security as a Service – Vulnerability assessment as a service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – Business Critical servers
  • NOC as a Services – Business Critical servers & devices
  • Migration to public clouds