What is the BluAttend Solution?

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BluAttend is a smart, secure and flexible online HR service that can be easily integrated into any company or organization without investments in hardware, software or any third-party license.

BluAttend allows a seamless attendance tracking process for you and your entire team. Now your employees can manually input their attendance and working hours; these entries are later approved by Managers and HR representatives, who can create reports based on this information.

BluAttend features include Attendance Management, Time Tracking, Working Hours, Leave Management, Company-Wide Absence Calendar, Company-Wide Vacation Planning and Sick Leave Management


Clock In – Clock Out

  • Clock-in from anywhere you want.
  • Clock-in based on GPS location.
  • Clock-in with picture validation.
  • Automatically calculate total working hours and total break hours.

Timesheet Management


  • A weekly-based timesheet view
  • Approval for working hours
  • Daily employee summary view
    • Detailed clocking
    • Total working hours
    • Total break hours
    • Availability status
    • Weekly working hours

Holidays and Leave Management

Employee Self – service

Self-service is a game-changer nowadays. With BluAttend, your employees will no longer need to clock-in at the office doorway; instead, they can sit at their desks (on-premise or remote) and log in using an app/browser


BluAttend provides a push notification feature which offers two significant advantages:

  • Closes the communication loop between employees and management.
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of the time and attendance system.

Alerts and notifications facilitate a feedback cycle so that employees and managers take action when required. This ensures that all requests are well received, processed and completed.

  • Reporting
  • Multiple Admin Privilege
  • Integrations
  • Data Migration

Latest Features

Contact Tracing – Covid 19

Slow the spread of COVID-19 within your organization by tracing the intersection between an employee who tested COVID-19 positive and other employees within the same vicinity.

Geo-Positioning – The Gateway to Smart Attendance

This smart feature allows your organization to:

  • Capture employee attendance from any location at any given time.
  • Track employee location in real- time, infield or other work sites.
  • Pre-configure authorized places to clock-in/clock-out.