BluDesk is a customer-service portal developed by BluGrass Technologies, based on several years of service-experience. It provides the best user experience by serving your hitches and glitches effortlessly, structurally and intelligently.

BluDesk is a boundless service platform for every company looking to provide the best in customer experience. From ticket acceptance to problem resolving, BluDesk provides the ultimate user experience, which ensures client satisfaction and a stress-free task for the service provider.

Multiple incoming-channels support

Be it a phone call or email complaint; BluDesk converts different channels into a trackable and tagged ticket which can be easily followed.

Ticket Processing

Ranking, classifying, assigning and tracking tickets are made simple.

SLA Management

A set of processes to achieve the SLA requirements as per the agreement with the client; all attributes are included and automated to ensure the SLA is fully met. Severity, closing date, scope, etc.

Easy management of operations

Manage support and services operations, create service tasks for tickets that need a field team response and track its status to completion; based on location, priority and other elements from anywhere at any time.

Accept, update and resolve as you go

Allow field personnel to accept service tasks, update information and resolve issues using their handheld devices, and receive the customer sign-off and signature.

Increase work productivity

By tracking the time to resolve a problem, checking live updates, distributing the workload, calculating billable hours, accessing the knowledge-based remotely and automating recurrent issues.

Collective Knowledge Base

Provides relevant information to clients and technical teams alike. The FAQ help clients to find the answers to frequent questions quickly and help them to solve their own issues. Simple fixes which can be performed without the need for admin credentials.

Explore team and service providers performance

Identify problems, plan based on metrics and improve helpdesk performance, understand how different agents and service providers are performing based on various metrics.

Customers’ satisfaction scores

We measure how users feel about our support using customer satisfaction reports and feedbacks.

Inform & update

Customers are kept informed and up-to-date either by accessing the dashboard to view their ticket’s status, or, through daily automatic reports notifying them about the progress of their ticket.

Advanced data security

BluDesk accounts come equipped with custom SSL certificates that allow you to secure your own support domain.