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You may have heard of managed services before for your business, but if you haven’t, let us take you through exactly what they can do for you.

What Is A Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider works to manage your business IT support remotely. Along with your IT support, they will also run your other IT services as you need them, including (but not limited to) mobile application support services, end user services and infrastructure as a service.

Most managed service providers will be proactive in this and as a managed service provider, BluGrass.co steps into the shoes of an in-house IT professional. Usually, a company would have this person on staff so that they can be on hand to fix things as they happen, but outsourcing could be the answer that you need for your particular business.

Not only will the demands of your business IT be managed 24/7, you can focus without all the additional headaches that usually come with system issues and breakdowns. The advantages of using a managed service provider are huge, and we’ve got some of those listed for you below.